What You Can Do to Push Mayor Guardian and City Council into Providing a FREE Adult-Education Program to Train Area Residents for Employment in the Nation's 27,500,000 Small Businesses at $25 to $60 Per Hour, without Licensing

Pub. 7/9/14, Rev. 7/10/14, 10/29/16

How Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian Can Create $25-$60/Hour Jobs for 10,000 AC-Area Residents


Don't Look to Wal-Mart or McDonald's - The High-Paying Jobs Are as the #2 Person in a Small Business or Professional Firm - for which there are no training programs

We know where the high-paying jobs are not to be found: in Wal-Mart, in McDonald's, in retail stores, casinos, and in many other ways of providing unskilled services or woefully underpaid skilled or highly skilled services. Whatever your current skill set, if you have no job, your skills are going to waste and are being diminished in value through non-use and failure to bring them up to present requirements.

What I see (as someone who already created a career field in this country) is 27,500,000 small businesses desperately in need of a single person with a broad range of skills to take over the grunt work of keeping a small business or small professional firm (or even a small governmental agency) together so its leader can concentrate on the higher-value work of the organization, which will provide the additional income needed to pay the $25 to $60 or MUCH, MUCH MORE to this one individual keeping the organization together on a daily basis. There is no such training program in America today, except in the 27,500,000 small businesses, where the owner or leader is forced into training himself or herself over a iifetime to do these things because there is no school turning out already-trained graduates who can be hired and start work right away without a training program. The leader of the small entity does not have the time to train, and historically has done the required jobs himself/herself, because it is faster and easier to do it this way than to train someone who will often leave, and put the organization's leader in a position of always training someone and NOT doing the high-value work needed to be done, upon which the business or agency depends for its continued existence.

My Background


I (Carl Person) tried to obtain the Libertarian Party nomination for President, and was a very interested observer in any political speeches by other Presidential candidates concerning job creation, not only because I was emphasizing job creation in my campaign but because I had previously created a career field in the United States which currently employs about 1,000,000 workers (i.e., the paralegal field, which I was instrumental in creating with one other entity during the 1970's). I established the first paralegal school open to graduates of any of the nation's 2,000 4-year colleges. Today there are more than 2,000 paralegal training programs in the United States, including programs in technical schools, 4-year colleges, community (2-year) colleges and high schools.

I personally set up and ran the school for an 18-year period, during which time I started various other technical training programs, including film production, computer training, word-processing training, and a 1st-Year law program. The name of my school was Paralegal Institute.

I'm a high school dropout (still without a high school diploma) and a graduate of Harvard Law School. For a living I represent clients who are being threatened with loss of their homes through foreclosure and help most of them obtain affordable loan modification agreements, and engage in other types of commercial litigation. More of my background is found at .

I give you this background to let you know that I know how jobs are created, how people are trained to fill jobs, how to place people in jobs, and how to create jobs to fill a particular need.

Other "Paraprofessional Fields"

The need I filled when I created the paralegal field was to help reduce the cost of legal services by using trained non-lawyers to do some of the work customarily performed by attorneys, subject to the direction, supervision and control of an attorney. Without such direction, supervision and control, the non-lawyer would be engaged in the unlawful practice of law. With such direction, supervision and control, lawyers would be able to have more work performed by law-firm employees at lower hourly rates than charged by attorneys, enabling the law firms to compete more effectively for clients by lowering the total amount paid by clients for legal services.

The paralegal field developed after successes in other "paraprofessional" fields, including teaching assistants (at the grade school and high school level), medical assistants, nursing assistants, veterinarian assistants, and probably others.

Government Policy of Training for College, Unemployment and Lifetime of Debt

Political policy of the United States, the 50 States, and tens of thousands of county, city and other municipal governments have during the period after World War II focussed on preparing individuals for college and setting up financing for millions of students to attend college, and during that period up to the year 2000, approximately, college clearly was a logical choice for persons wanting to get ahead and share in the American Dream. College led most graduates to better jobs, higher income, higher social status, entry into the middle class with a shot to do better than that, and generally to prosperity.

Whatever was being taught in college (and I also attended college, graduating magna cum laude) seemed to be what was wanted by big business, the military and government employers, who would compete for college graduates and start them off with training programs to enable them to settle in with their non-physical, white-collar jobs. You might say that education gave college graduates some type of useful information to enable them to obtain this first step toward higher-paying employment, although exactly what was specifically was taught is somewhat elusive to list, other than (i) an ability to use the English language; (ii) an ability to think logically; (iii) an ability to read and write; (iv) mathematical and scientific background or business background for some, and/or (v) meeting educational requirements to go on to professional schools of various types.

It should be noted that colleges and universities have been training their students for employment by the three main types of employers which historically do not create any net new jobs in the United States. Government, the Military and Big Business (the "Big Three") do not create any new jobs after taking into account the employees who are fired, who retire or die, or lose their jobs through moving production to other countries. Trillions of dollars have been spent by all governments (federal, state, county and local) to train people for the Big Three but nothing at all for the businesses which create all of the net number of new jobs being created in the United States, which is the nation's 27,500,000 small businesses. This is where the jobs are being created in spite of governmental policy of training people (at government expense) only for the Big Three.

Small Business Has Been Forced into Self-Training at Own Expense

The training needed by small business has been self training, where the individuals running the small business are training themselves every day (at their own expense) to do whatever is required to keep their businesses alive and competitive, especially with one-person and two-person businesses. The one and two-person businesses are owned and run by these 1 or 2 persons who not only have to keep up with the field in which they are engaged in business or a profession, but have to keep learning how to cope with the ever-increasing advances in computer technology, software, hardware and Internet including marketing, blogging, communications and everything else. Because of this ever-increasing workload for small business owners, they are spending more time doing the work that should be done by a "paraprofessional" and less of the type for which the owner receives much higher compensation. The result is a reduction in income.

Technical Training Creates Skills Having a High Market Value in Today's Increasingly Tech-Driven Economy

There should be no need to belabor the obvious, but I will anyway. Teaching the technical information I have outlined in my curriculum will give program graduates a highly marketable skill among the nation's 27,500,000 small businesses. Instead of looking for a minimum wage job with a large retailer (which probably helped to cause the country's economic difficulties through moving jobs to other counries), you should be getting technical training to be of great value and assistance to an owner of a small business (such as myself, as one of the 27 million business owners). I understand what I need more than the elected politicians many of whom never owned or managed a business. I need help, and the help I need is with more than 100 different technical tasks I have to perform each week or month. I'm willing to pay a heck of a lot more than minimum wage. A small business owner producing gross income of $300,000 per year is taking in $150 per hour on the average, but actually something like $300 per hour when doing what the business does, and only $25 to $60 per hour (when doing what some other person could earn if taking the course, as a stepping stone to something much better.

Obvious Cure for the Small-Business / Small-Entity Problem

The cure for this problem is obvious and involves the training of 27,500,000 Americans to be available for hiring by the nation's 27,500,000 small businesses as well as the nation's 1,000,000 small governmental agencies, small NGO's (non-governmental organizations), small religious organizations, small professional companies and other "small entities", for whom $25 to $60 per hour is not at all out of line with the value of an employee who could take over the routine tasks that are common to small entities and do not involve much or any part of the main output of the small entity. But it frees the owner or manager of the small entity to spend his or her time doing the more valuable things for which the owner/manager has set up the business or other entity.

Since the advent of the computer followed up not too long thereafter by the Internet, the need for specific training has developed without any training programs available to train employees for small business. I know, because I created a predecessor program (licensed, accredited and with federal student loans, teaching an earlier technology, and I have followed the field ever since. There is not a single program in the country of the type I envision. A program training in robotics, elevator repair or biometrics is too specialized to be of any value to the 27,500,000 prospective small-entity employers.

The Economics of this New Career Field

If a small business produces gross income of $300,000 per year allocable to pay overhead (or result in profits), the owner/manager spending 2,000 hours per year to generate the $300,000 is producing at the rate of $150 per hour, but many of the hours were spent doing tasks someone else could be performing for $25 to $60 per hour, resulting in additional income to the small entity of $125 to $90 per hour, or about $30,000 per week (30 hours times $100).

You might be thinking at this point that a small business (or entity) person could train someone to do this and doesn't need a training program. But this counter to the experience of the other "paraprofessional" fields, and with the experience of persons such as myself who have tried to train people to do the 100 different things I need to have done. It takes a lot of time to write and test instructions for 100 different tasks, or to show a new employee how each of the 100 things is done. The worst thing is that after training someone, as I did, and because of the ability of the trainee I expanded my business so that I could devote all my time to legal matters and leave the non-legal business management matters to the now-trained employee -- only to see him leave, which left me unable to do both jobs and there was no marketplace of trained persons I could turn to, for finding a replacement employee right away.

I learned the hard way, as have millions of other small business persons, that we have to perform most of the jobs in the business because it takes too much time to train someone (for most computer and Internet tasks) and the risk of losing the trained employee is too high, and the risk of not being able to find a replacement right away is too high - so small entity persons wind up doing more of the tasks than they should be required to do, solely because of the lack of any training programs.


This is where Mayor Don Guardian and Atlantic City come into the picture.

Atlantic City is losing jobs at a rate that is devastating for the area, including area residents, area governments, area businesses and even area employees who increasingly are being threatened with loss of their jobs and no jobs in sight to replace the jobs to be lost, and especially no high-paying jobs. Showboat Casino is closing on August 31, 2014 (with a loss of 2,100 jobs). Atlantic Club Casino (the former Hilton Casino) closed on January 13, 2014 (with a loss of more than 1,600 jobs). Revel went into bankruptcy again on June 19, 2014 (and has stated that it might shut down this summer if a buyer canít be found - with a loss of 3,100 jobs). The C.E.O. of Caesar's (Gary Loveman) stated to the press on May 8, 2014 that Caesar's was considering removing itself completely from the Atlantic City market. Trump Plaza was sold on February 14, 2013 for $20,000,000, the lowest price for which an Atlantic City casino was ever sold, but now (on 7/12/14) announced that it plans to close on 9/16/14 (with notices to 1,009 employees going out on Monday, 7/14/14). Trump Marina was sold to the Golden Nugget on August 11, 2011, thus saving what was thought to be the weakest of the 3 Trump casinos from closing. Sands Casino was demolished on October 18, 2007. The Claridge Casino closed its doors in the winter of 2012. Also, as everyone knows, the Trump Taj Mahal closed its doors and terminated 3,000 casino workers on October 10, 2016. Taxicab drivers complain that they sometimes have to wait in a casino taxi line for 3-4 hours for a fare. New Jersey has approved online gambling from anywhere within the State of New Jersey. There are now about 26 casinos within 100 miles of Atlantic City, plus casinos in Connecticut and New York, with a proposal for a new casino submitted for a location near the Meadowlands.

Do you think that anyone in charge would like to create new jobs in AC? The answer seems to be a resounding NO. Nobody cares to make any needed changes, as the Atlantic City TITANIC sinks into the Atlantic Ocean. It doesn't have to be this way. There are 10,000,000 or more jobs with small business in the U.S. with nobody trained to be hired, which would pay $25 to $200 per hour and often more. Remember, at this time (in 2016) we are already talking about a minimum wage of $15/hour.

Atlantic City - The Education Capital of the World

Please, Mr. Mayor, let's do something about this job-loss problem. Your current plan to make Atlantic City a destination city for tourists could have far more impact if Atlantic City became a destination city as the nation's (or world's) Education Capital - where students could go for a 9-month program (the equivalent of a 1-year school program) learning what is needed to obtain a high-paying job anywhere in the country, without licensing, at $25 to $60 per hour (or for some of the students working as an independent contractor and charging about $100/hour).

Take a look at the sample resume of a hypothetical graduate of the training program I have outlined for becoming qualified to manage a small entity. I'm still struggling with an appropriate title for the trained graduate, such as I.T. specialist for small business, or small business manager, or chief operating officer of a small business. But the title will work itself out in time.

The training is designed for high school seniors and for adults, with the same 1-year program taught in the same schools during downtime by the same instructors and with the same software and equipment.

Graduates should be able to work for small businesses (or entities) anywhere throughout the U.S. without licensing for $25 to $60 per hour, or be able to set up their own businesses as independent contractors and charge $100/hour for their services.

With all of this now said, what can we do to get Mayor Don Guardian to either talk with me (Carl Person) himself or through one or more of his staff to let me explain how the program could be implemented in Atlantic City, for residents of AC and surrounding area.

$1,000 Annual Cost Per Student

Unlike high school and college, which costs anywhere from $20,000 to $70,000 per year per student, the cost is only about $1,000 per student, and with that expentire of $1,000 the graduate can reasonably expect to obtain $25 to $60 per hour employment, whereas with $20,000 to $70,000 per year of costs the student often gets no job, no income, massiave indebtedness and a lifetime of poverty because of the nation's bankruptcy laws which prohibit student loans (both public and private) from being scheduled for debt elimination in bankruptcy.

I'm Not Seeking Any Money or Compensation Whatsoever - Just Your Help to Reach Mayor Guardian

I'm not seeking any compensation and I even volunteer (without compensation) help Atlantic City (or other government in the area) to establish this envisioned program. I am doing this at my own expense, both in terms of time and money because this is what is needed to get our economy moving again. We need to help small business create jobs, and this is the way to do it. I know, I have been a small business person since age 9 (when I had a newspaper route in North Platte, Nebraska).

What I'm trying to do is set up a meeting in AC with Mayor Guardian or one of his staff members, to explain how Atlantic City can retrain its adults to get high-paying jobs, without licensing, in the Atlantic City area or any other place in the U.S. I've tried several times to communicate with him and his staff without any success. It's possible that my efforts have escaped his attention, and I call upon you for some help to direct the Mayor's attention to a possible solution to the growing problem. You probably know from experience and from your friends, associates and relatives that the Atlantic City area (including Hammonton NJ) has an admitted unemployment rate of 13.8% (10th highest unemployment rate in the nation), which translates to about 50% when including people no longer looking for (non-existent) jobs and when including employees working for starvation wages.

What I want you to do for yourself, your family, residents of the Atlantic City area and the nation:

Here is what I want you to do to make this free job-training program happen:

  1. Email a link to this website to 10 of your AC-area friends, relatives and associates;

  2. Send an email to Mayor Don Guardian and his staff members; just click on with a message such as

    Mayor Guardian - I need a job (really a high-paying job) and urge you to look at a website for AC which shows how you as Mayor could create 10,000 high-paying jobs for AC-area residents. Thank you for taking your time to explore this possible solution to our ever-increasing jobs problem in Atlantic City. The website is ac-jobs.com

  3. Place a telephone call to Mayor Don Guardian and ask him to read this website and try to get him or his assistant to set up a meeting with me in his office - help desk - call 609-347-5300;

  4. Volunteer to enroll in the free instructional program;

  5. Print out a copy of this website page and mail it to Mayor Guardino, at:

    Mayor Don Guardian
    City of Atlantic City
    1301 Bacharach Blvd. - Room 706
    Atlantic City, NJ 08401

  6. Distribute flyers to retail stores on Atlantic Avenue and Pacific Avenue which ask store patrons to contact Mayor Guardian.

  7. Contact each of the 9 present City Council Members and ask them to speak with Mayor Guardian and to invite Carl Person to a City Council Meeting to make a presentation to the Council (which you could attend) [I'm sorry that I'm not going to take the time to update this list with email addresses of the newly-elected members because I recognize that nobody is going to do anything and I am just wasting my time]:

    1. Councilman George Tibbitt, At-Large Member (1/1/14 to 12/31/17), gtibbitt@cityofatlanticcity.org, 609-347-5241
    2. Councilman Frank M. Gilliam, Jr., At-Large Member (1/1/14 to 12/31/17), fmgilliam@cityofatlanticcity.org, 609-347-5243
    3. Councilman Moisse Delgado, At-Large Member (1/1/14 to 12/31/17), mdelgado@cityofatlanticcity.org, 609-347-6491
    4. Councilman Timothy Mancuso, 6th Ward (1/2/12 to 12/31/15), tmancuso@cityofatlanticcity.org, 609-347-5238
    5. Councilman Jesse O. Kurtz, 6th Ward (1/1/16 to 12/31/19)
    6. Councilman Rizwan Malik, 5th Ward (1/1/12 to 12/31/15), rmalik@cityofatlanticcity.org, 609-347-5233
    7. Councilman Chuen "Jimmy" Cheng, 5th Ward (1/1/16 to 12/31/19)
    8. City Council President, William Marsh, 4th Ward (1/1/12 to 12/31/15 and reelected 1/1/16 to 12/31/2019), wmarsh@cityofatlanticcity.org, 609-347-5242
    9. City Council Vice President, Steven L. Moore, 3rd Ward (1/1/12 to 12/31/15), smoore@cityofatlanticcity.org, 609-347-5230
    10. Councilman Kalem Shabazz, 3rd Ward (1/1/2016 to 12/31/19)
    11. Councilman Marty Small, 2nd Ward (1/1/12 to 12/31/15 and reelected 1/1/16 to 12/31/19), msmall@cityofatlanticcity.org, 609-347-5231
    12. Councilman Aaron Randolph, 1st Ward (1/1/12 to 12/31/15 and reelected 1/1/16 to 12/31/19), arandolph@cityofatlanticcity.org, 609-347-5232
    13. For convenience, here are the emails of each of the 9 councilpersons:

      gtibbitt@cityofatlanticcity.org, fmgilliam@cityofatlanticcity.org, mdelgado@cityofatlanticcity.org, tmancuso@cityofatlanticcity.org, rmalik@cityofatlanticcity.org, wmarsh@cityofatlanticcity.org, smoore@cityofatlanticcity.org, msmall@cityofatlanticcity.org, arandolph@cityofatlanticcity.org

      Please send the same information to the Councilpersons that you are sending to Mayor Guardian. See above.

  8. Here's another important legislator, Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo (Atlantic County, 2nd District), telephone number: 609-383-1388; email address: AsmMazzeo@njleg.org

  9. Let me know what you have done by email (see link below)- and thank you.

To discuss this program on the telephone with me, please call me at 212-307-4444 or my cell telephone 917-453-9376.

Attorney Carl E. Person
Office 212-307-4444
Cell 917-453-9376
Fax 212-307-0247
Email carlpers2@gmail.com

My c.v. (or resume updated to 10/29/16): My updated c.v.

Here is what you can do to help yourself, Atlantic City, your friends and neighbors and the rest of the nation. Push Mayor Guardian into holding free job training for adults in the AC area that will enable area residents to obtain employment in the area or anywhere in the U.S. at a rate of $25 to $60 per hour, managing any of the nation's 27,500,000 small businesses for its owner. Contact Mayor Guardian in various ways and ask him to visit this website and to call Carl Person to discuss how this free adult-education program can get started for you and others needing and wanting a high-paying job Contact Mayor Guardian.

Please let me know what you have done to bring this website to the attention of Mayor Guardian. Send an Email to me at carlpers2@gmail.com . Many thanks. C.E.P.

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